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We do not sell mortgages or finance which means we can offer an informative overview of the various mortgage product types available on the market and costs.

Our main aim is to provide information on all types of mortgage available, cutting through the unnecessary 'financial jargon' usually associated with the mortgage industry allowing everyday people to gain a better understanding of the various main UK mortgages.

Mortgage Quote Service

We do provide a quote service if you would like to speak with an FSA regulated mortgage broker, this service is part of our services to ensure we can offer a complete UK mortgage resource.

We only deal with professional regulated brokers and we might receive payment from these brokers from time to time, which is nominal and is not passed on to you the user. However this is an additional facility of the site and not the main aim.


We do not pass your information to anyone accept the brokers we use and this is only done if you have requested this by submitting the quote form or have requested it in written format using the Contact Us page. View our Privacy Policy for full details.


We do not advise on, promote or sell financial products. Fancy A Mortgage is not a regulated company or website. This site has been put together to offer a simple overview of current mortgage products for potential mortgagees.

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