Moving day - time to settle in

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Settling in on the Day
Moving day is the start of your settling in process and, as such, should be planned carefully. Decide beforehand whether you are going to use a professional removal company and how you are going to manage the day. As well as professional movers, enlist as much help as you can from trustworthy friends and family who will be able to keep your instructions on track.

Practicalities of Settling In
When boxing up your items to move, make sure that you place an accurate description of the contents on the outside of the box. It may not be necessary to complete an exact inventory for the outside of every box, but a detailed list may be extremely helpful when it comes to locating key items, later in the day.

As a general rule, it pays to move the room at the back of the house first, so that the removal men do not have to step over items that they have already placed. Remember, you will have more time to prepare in your old property than to organise on the day in your new property. So, always keep the layout of your NEW property in mind when ordering the sequence in which the boxes are loaded and unloaded.

Always have an overnight bag containing essential items such as toiletries and bedding; make sure this bag is kept out of the way of the general removal, ideally in your own car or in a friend's house. Many people find that the way to keep calm during a move is actually to budget in a night or two in a hotel, so that you do not have to deal immediately with the unpacking and can do so calmly, over the period of a few days.

Dealing with Difficult Movers
Children and pets can be particularly troublesome when it comes to settling in. Pets, in particular, can get lost or become disorientated and scared. In the weeks preceding the move, it may be possible to take your pet (mainly suitable for dogs) to the area and allow them to familiarise themselves with the sights and smells of their new surroundings. Other pets such as cats and rabbits should be kept indoors for a period of at least two weeks after the move to ensure that they do not get lost.

Remember to tag your pet immediately upon moving with your new phone number or mobile number, so that they can be returned easily if lost. It is also worth placing a note in your old property describing your pet for the new owners, just in case they decide to make an appearance!

Children can react in a range of different ways to a house move. Even younger children who probably do not understand what is happening may become agitated and nervous. Do not assume that a young child does not understand; take the time to explain and allow them to take charge of their own area, even if it is simply sticking labels on their own boxes!

Bullet Point Plan everything with the future in mind and ensure that you move and unpack boxes in the order that makes sense for your new home and not in the order that they are removed from your old home!
Bullet Point make sure that you label pets clearly, so that they can be easily returned if they go missing;
Bullet Point get children involved in the move, no matter what their age, so that they do not feel scared or isolated during the moving process;
Bullet Point finally, don't be afraid to indulge with a nice takeaway meal on moving day!

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