Planning The Move

Get a Free Quote At the risk of stating the obvious, careful planning is the key to a successful house move. You'll certainly make life easier for yourself if you start planning your move several weeks before your proposed departure date.

It is always good practice to make one or more checklists to cover the different phases of the move. Several areas can be tackled up to six weeks before you are due to move, saving time and energy on the day of the move.

°•To Do' List

Up to 6 Weeks before Moving:
Bullet Point Arrange insurance cover for your new home to take effect as soon as you take ownership of the property. Also, make sure that you arrange insurance cover for your possessions whilst they are in transit, if they are not already covered by the removal firm's insurance policy.
Bullet Point Weed out any items that you do not want to take with you, before you move - sell them at a car boot sale or on eBay, give them away to friends, neighbours or charity shops, or just throw them away.
Bullet Point Collect suitable boxes for packing smaller items.
Bullet Point If you intend to hire a van and move yourself (with the help of friends or family), check that your helpers are available on the date you choose and book the van for as long a period as you are going to require; remember, the actual move always takes longer than you think, so the last thing you want is to be under pressure to return the van on time.
Bullet Point If you are going to employ professional removers, obtain several quotations and find out what exactly is (or is not) included in the price.
Bullet Point If you need new carpets, curtains, electrical appliances or furniture, order them in advance and arrange for them to be delivered soon after you take possession of your new property.

1 to 3 Weeks before Moving:
Bullet Point Start packing items that can you °•manage without' for a few weeks.
Bullet Point Arrange with the Post Office for your mail to be redirected to your new address.
Bullet Point Inform your milkman and newspaper shop about your impending move and either cancel or rearrange deliveries, depending on how far you are moving.
Bullet Point Arrange with utility companies for final electricity, gas and water meter readings to be made on the day before you move.
Bullet Point If you have young children or pets, arrange for someone to look after them on the day of the move.
Bullet Point Make a list of all people and organisations to be notified of your change of address.
Bullet Point Confirm the exact date and time that your move will take place and that the removers know the location of both the old and the new properties.
Bullet Point Arrange the date and time to collect the keys for your new property and to hand over keys for your existing property.

The Day before Moving:
Bullet Point Check that meters have been read.
Bullet Point Finish packing and put labels on boxes.
Bullet Point Defrost fridge and freezer.
Bullet Point Clean the house.

The Day of the Move:
Bullet Point Disconnect any remaining electrical appliances and equipment.
Bullet Point Load up everything into the removal van (or supervise the loading).
Bullet Point Check that all your possessions have been removed from the property - do not forget to check built-in cupboards, loft, sheds and garage.
Bullet Point Close and secure windows and lock all doors.

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