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2nd Home Mortgages

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A second home that is for investment purposes will potentially be subject to multiple different taxes which, if not planned for, can turn a very lucrative profit into a substantial loss. Bear in mind that not only will you have the capital gains tax element to deal with on sale, but there are also regular taxation issues with rental income which have to be dealt with, immediately.

It is absolutely essential that these taxes are planned for as early on as possible, ideally before the sale is even completed; tax planning methods exist that can be used from the very beginning which will assist you in the long-run. Always make sure that you speak to an accountant or tax advisor about your individual circumstances.

Income Tax
Any income that you receive from a rental property should be disclosed to the Inland Revenue. Technically, this means that any income you make on the property will be taxable at the rate at which you pay income tax on your other income from your standard employment.

From the income that you obtain from letting a property, there are some allowable expenses which can be deducted. Typically, these expenses include rates, insurance and administration costs. Importantly, with a mortgage on a second home, interest paid on a loan can also be claimed as an expense. Therefore, the interest part of any mortgage on the second home can be deducted from the income, reducing the rental profit that is taxable.

If a property is furnished, you are also able to add expenses of up to 10 percent of the net rental profits for wear and tear replacement.

Capital Gains
A second home that is sold and is not the main residence of the owner will be subject to capital gains tax of 40 percent. This can have a serious impact on the profit made from the second property and can even mean that you do not have sufficient capital available to repay the second home mortgage.

Capital gains are not payable on the main residence, and those who own more than one property can ‘elect’ which property is to be considered their main residence within 2 years of purchasing the second property. Capital gains is a difficult and complicated process but, in short, tax will only be payable on the time that the property was let and if the property was once a main residence; the last three years of ownership will also be exempt. Currently, there is also an allowance of up to £40,000 for this capital gain.

Example: an individual purchased a flat for £100,000, lived in it for 1 year before renting it out for the last four years and is now selling the flat for £200,000. The gain per year is, therefore, £20,000 (there would be some deductions such as any capital improvements that were made as well as the cost of purchase and sale, but for the sake of ease of calculation these have been ignored). The first year is exempt and the final 3 years are also exempt as it was once a main residence. Therefore, there is only 1 year on which capital gains are due. As this is only £20,000, the £40,000 allowance amply covers this gain and no tax is due.

Bullet Point When considering the affordability of a second home, it is vital that you calculate the amount of tax that you will have to pay on an annual basis and on the sale of the property in the future;
Bullet Point rental income is subject to income tax, but there are some expenses which can be used to reduce the tax liability; one of these expenses is the interest payable on the second home mortgage;
Bullet Point potentially, capital gains are payable when a second home is sold, although careful use of allowances can reduce the impact of this tax;
Bullet Point always consult a tax professional to ensure that your individual circumstances are managed correctly.

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